Which class sounds right for you?

Therapeutic Yoga for All

This 75 minute therapeutic yoga class begins with a gentle warm up focusing on loosening up the joints and connecting to our breath. We continue through a series of strengthening poses, sprinkled with opportunities to improve balance and flexibility. Finally, the practice concludes with a series of restorative poses and guided meditation. You are sure to float out the door with the newfound space and energy you will feel. Bring your body with all of its challenges; Emily is an expert at modifying and making every pose safe and accessible. NO yoga experience necessary.


Vinyasa style yoga combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout. Vinyasa, which means breathing and movement, is for internal cleansing. Each movement is accompanied by one breath. The vinyasa practice flows through warm ups, salutations, standing series, seated asana, inversions, and there's always time for ample restorative sivasana (final relaxation). The class is appropriate for ALL ranges of yoga experience.

Restorative Flow

At healixyoga, Walter offers a Restorative Flow class that emphasizes the concept of finding ease and grace in our bodies and minds.  In this class, practitioners are skillfully guided through a gentle series of modified postures while using props that provide support and comfort .  This practice focuses on soothing the nervous system and creating space within the body.  Walter is also an expert modifier for those working with various physical challenges. Healixyoga has radiant heated floors, high quality "Manduka" mats and all of the props needed for your journey into the bliss of letting go.  Every body shape, size and style is welcome here; NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, As always, first time visitors at healixyoga get a free introductory class!

Exploring the Chakras

Recognizing the role of the energy centers in our body is an essential part of our yogic journey. The seven chakras found along our spinal cord and up into our skull are an integral part of the healthy functions of our body.  If those energy centers (like filters) get "gummed up" with unnecessary energetic residue from the inevitable stresses of life experience, a feeling of dis-ease and often physical manifestations ensue over time.   This monthly exploration into the chakras, in collaboration with Jessie McAllister will be filled with asana, pranayama, mantra and purposeful energy clearing.  Our intention will be to find connection to our chakras and our role in clearing and balancing them for optimum health.  9​SIX WEEK SERIES THIS SPRING, MONDAY PMS, DATES TBA)

Love your Feet!

Join me for 60 minutes of focused attention on your feet.  We could all give our feet a little more attention and love.  The truth is, our feet provide us with our very foundation.  If our feet are not happy, the rest of us won't be happy.   We will spend the bulk of the time learning foot strengthening exercises, important acupressure points, and how we can engage our feet more completely in our yoga practice.   Too often we ignore our feet and the discomfort we feel there.  Let's start from the ground up, beginning with our very foundation, and focus some well deserved attention to our feet.  UPCOMING DATES TBA

Private and special group sessions

I am happy to meet with individuals or small groups to meet your specific therapeutic needs.  The fee for private sessions is $60 per hour in the healix space.  For sessions in the comfort of your home, fee is adjusted dependent upon travel.  Please feel free to contact me regarding private sessions at emilywiadro@me.com.