essential oils

in class

Essential oils are offered to students in the beginning of our practice to help switch gears from the mundane to the sacred.   


Students enjoy the introduction of essential oils as an effective element in supporting a serene and meditative atmosphere at healixyoga.  Essential oils can be employed as a support for our nervous systems and to assist our state of mind. 

interested in more information?

Join us for an Essential Oils 101 FREE workshop to learn how you can find natural solutions to everyday challenges.  Workshop is held EVERY Wednesday at healixyoga from 6-7PM. 

Continuing education is offered every first Wednesday from 7-8PM covering these subjects: 

September 4th : Aches and Discomforts

October 2nd: Healthy, Happy Kids!

November 6th: Winter Wellness

December 4th: Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies