Essential Oil 101: Free workshops mONDAYS 11/4 & 11/18


Essential Oils 101: WINTER WELLNESS 6-7PM

This brief introduction will inform you about how essential oils:
*shift the energy of your immediate environment
*support your physical and mental well-being

*avoid toxic chemicals  

*support sustainable practices for our planet.  

This workshop will be offered in November on Mondays the 4th and 18th.  Email me with any questions and to let me know you will be joining us on a Monday evening that is convenient for you.  

Hope to see you soon!

Gratefully Harmonious Meditation

Tuesday, November 19th at 4PM and 7PM

 There's no better time to bring harmony to your inner world than as we approach the holiday season.  Ross Newkirk of Conscious Technologies, LLC will be here at healixyoga with his Core Harmonizing technology.  The Core Harmonizer TM uses music, nested geometries and specific materials to create a coherent and harmonious information field, an ideal peaceful environment in which to meditate.

Healix will offer 2 meditation sessions (at 4pm and 7pm), free of charge during which you may sit or use props to lay comfortably in our cozy space.  The sessions will be about 60 minutes, but if you are not able to stay for the entire time, you are welcome to come and go as you need.  Please don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!!!  

Benefits of sharing space with the Core Harmonizer may Include:
-An enhanced sense of peace and well-being
-Achieving higher states of consciousness and awareness
-Improved quality of sleep
-Noticeably more peaceful home life including calmer children and adults alike while unit is kept on throughout the day or evening
-Pet owners have specifically reported a decrease in anxiety in their pets
-Enhanced group meditations, yoga classes, reiki and massage sessions

You can learn much more about this technology on this website:


MUSINGS & Meditation

Ready to deepen your practice?

Whether you have been practicing asanas (poses) of yoga for a short time, or even for decades, you may feel ready to deepen your understanding of the ancient philosophy of Yoga. 

Let's explore together...

This will be a group contemplation of ancient and contemporary texts linked to yogic philosophy.   I will offer a quotation from a supporting text, which will spring board us into meaningful conversation.  There will be space for sharing our thoughts in a safe and sacred gathering of inquiring minds.  There will be no right or wrong offerings... only opportunity to share perspective and ideas.   Following our 45-60 minute conversation, I will lead us in a themed meditation.  This practice of meditation is the ultimate intention of our yoga asana practice.  

Just once a month!

 No homework or long term commitment required!!   

Currently meeting monthly on Fridays, 1:00-2:30PM:

Next meeting Friday, November 22nd.  (No fee).

Special Workshop with Kaiilama Morris

Somatic Breath Therapy

What is Somatic Breath Therapy?

  • A do it yourself tool to help you connect to your true self
  • A proven and effective practice to gain freedom from mental, physical and emotional hardship
  • A fast track to joy, abundance, accomplishment and healthy relationships
  • A self-facilitated method to continually support a balanced healthy life!

What can I expect to feel? 

  • Restored emotional harmony
  • Relief from chronic physical and emotional pain
  • Relief from migraine headaches, asthma, anxiety, depression, addictions and more
  • Reconnection to natural creativity, relaxation, deep joy and healthier relationships with others and yourself
  • Renewed energy daily 

NEXT WORKSHOP: TBA      9:30AM - 12:30PM

Please register by calling 413-512-0470  or email

student tuition lovingly requested $65
Kaiilama Morris is a certified Somatic Breath Therapist with a private practice for over fifteen years.  The education, facilitation and heart presence she exudes is and has been a gift to many of all ages.  Her greatest passion is in supporting others towards living a heart centered, connected, joyful life!  The breath and the power of LOVE continue to inspire her! 

For more detailed information check out Breath of the Heart