Special Workshop Series!

Are you curious about Ayurveda?

This 3 part introductory series is designed to unite you into the world of Ayurveda,  Laurie Merrigan will guide you through some basic understandings of this ancient practice of wellness.  The 3 week course will build upon knowledge shared in each theme, and you will find yourself infused with a new lens with which to look at your wellness in relationship to the elements  and the seasons. And don't miss out on the FREE 20 minute private consult with Laurie that is included with this series. 

Essential Oil 101: Free monthly EVEnt: 3/2


Essential Oils 101: Digestion Harmonizers March 2nd 6-7PM

This FREE  brief introduction will inform you about how essential oils:
*shift the energy of your immediate environment
*support your physical and mental well-being

*avoid toxic chemicals  

*support sustainable practices for our planet. 

Email me with any questions!

Hope to see you soon!

MUSINGS & Meditation

Ready to deepen your practice?

Whether you have been practicing asanas (poses) of yoga for a short time, or even for decades, you may feel ready to deepen your understanding of the ancient philosophy of Yoga. 

Let's explore together...

This will be a group contemplation of ancient and contemporary texts linked to yogic philosophy.   I will offer a quotation from a supporting text, which will spring board us into meaningful conversation.  There will be space for sharing our thoughts in a safe and sacred gathering of inquiring minds.  There will be no right or wrong offerings... only opportunity to share perspective and ideas.   Following our 45-60 minute conversation, I will lead us in a themed meditation.  This practice of meditation is the ultimate intention of our yoga asana practice.  

Just once a month!

 No homework or long term commitment required!!   

Currently meeting monthly on Fridays, 1:00-2:30PM:

Next meeting March 27th  (No fee).