Love Your Feet Workshop ~Sunday December 16th 3:30-5:00PM with Emily

healixyoga study group

Ready to deepen your practice?

Whether you have been practicing asanas (poses) of yoga for a short time, or even for decades, you may feel ready to deepen your understanding of the ancient philosophy of Yoga. 

Let's study together...

This is a study group, rather than a book club.  Rather than reading on your own, this will be a group contemplation of ancient and contemporary texts linked to yogic philosophy. We will begin with the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient poem depicting an epic battle, mirroring that of the human psyche and supporting the very foundation of our yoga practice. 

Just once a month!

We'll read a chapter together and discuss. No homework or long term commitment required!!   I'll have books at the studio for use when you choose to join in our contemplative exploration.  Currently meeting monthly:  first Fridays, 1:30-3:00PM (next meeting December 7th)


Special Workshop with Kaiilama Morris

Somatic Breath Therapy

What is Somatic Breath Therapy?

  • A do it yourself tool to help you connect to your true self
  • A proven and effective practice to gain freedom from mental, physical and emotional hardship
  • A fast track to joy, abundance, accomplishment and healthy relationships
  • A self-facilitated method to continually support a balanced healthy life!

What can I expect to feel? 

  • Restored emotional harmony
  • Relief from chronic physical and emotional pain
  • Relief from migraine headaches, asthma, anxiety, depression, addictions and more
  • Reconnection to natural creativity, relaxation, deep joy and healthier relationships with others and yourself
  • Renewed energy daily 


register by calling 413-512-0470  or email

student tuition $55
Kaiilama Morris is a certified Somatic Breath Therapist with a private practice for over fifteen years.  The education, facilitation and heart presence she exudes is and has been a gift to many of all ages.  Her greatest passion is in supporting others towards living a heart centered, connected, joyful life!  The breath and the power of LOVE continue to inspire her! 

For more detailed information check out Breath of the Heart