NEW TO SCHEDULE: Vinyasa Yoga Thursdays 5:30-6:45PM

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Why Yoga?

The word "yoga" means "union".  This ancient healing practice of Yoga draws our attention inward, through mindful breathing (pranayama) and attention to our body through asana (the poses of yoga).  Through the integrative, therapeutically based practice at healixyoga, students will find a new sense of space and ease of being.  The classes guided safely by certified yoga instructor Emily Wiadro will provide opportunity for you to find yourself with:

Improved posture and balance
Increased body awareness and strength
Improved concentration and restful sleep
Greater flexibility and better range of motion
Better overall health, energy and vitality
Natural weight loss
Lower levels of chronic stress and pain
Perhaps you've been afraid to attend a yoga class, but you are curious. The safe therapeutic practice offered at healixyoga may be the answer... 

Why healixyoga?

"Emily's classes combine wonderfully intuitive yoga instruction with a spa experience. The studio is beautiful. No detail of color, light, sound, scent or temperature: has escaped her notice. Emily provides everything needed to nurture and strengthen the body and psyche. You emerge from each class feeling stronger, more relaxed and happy. Within 6 months of coming to her Vinyasa classes, my breathing improved and I found relief from a decade of sinus problems." Mimi M.

"I left each class feeling somehow lighter, and looser, and also more at ease in the world." Don G

Our Community

"At healix, our yoga class has evolved into a warm community.

I lived through a terrible loss and for months the class was one 

of the few places I felt free. 

Emily's light spirit, tenderness, and expertise model 

how to move with grace through experience, together.  

After class on Tuesday, we drink tea.

In yoga, we learn to use equal and opposite energy 

to find strength, lightness, and balance in a pose.

Easing out of chaos into repose is one lesson I try to

take off the mat."  Verandah P. 

free! healixyoga 15-minute gentle flow practice

This is part 1 of a 3 part 40 minute practice found on youtube.  If you would like to continue, find part 2 and 3 here

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.  No pre-registration is necessary for classes.  


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