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Why Yoga?


The word "yoga" means "union".  This ancient healing practice of Yoga draws our attention inward, through mindful breathing (pranayama) and attention to our body through asana (the poses of yoga).  Through the integrative, therapeutically based practice at healixyoga, students will find a new sense of space and ease of being.  The classes guided safely by certified yoga instructor Emily Wiadro will provide opportunity for you to find yourself with:

Improved posture and balance

Increased body awareness and strength

Improved concentration and restful sleep

Greater flexibility and better range of motion

Better overall health, energy and vitality

Natural weight loss

Lower levels of chronic stress and pain

Perhaps you've been afraid to attend a yoga class, but you are curious.  The safe therapeutic yoga in Brattleboro offered at healixyoga may be the answer... 

Why healix yoga?


"Emily's classes combine wonderfully intuitive yoga instruction with a spa experience. The studio is beautiful. No detail of color, light, sound, scent or temperature: has escaped her notice. Emily provides everything needed to nurture and strengthen the body and psyche. You emerge from each class feeling stronger, more relaxed and happy. Within 6 months of coming to her Vinyasa classes, my breathing improved and I found relief from a decade of sinus problems." Mimi M.

"I left each class feeling somehow lighter, and looser, and also more at ease in the world." Don G

Our Community


"I love Emily’s Healixyoga classes!  My daughter gave me a gift certificate for a few classes, and when I had finished them, I immediately signed up for more.  The gentle stretches and deep breathing seem to invigorate the entire body, relieving the stress pockets that I normally carry.  I feel as though she incorporates mind, body, and soul in the restful yet challenging movements.  When class is over, I leave refreshed and at peace with my world."  Rachel B.




Kim Timlege, a local massage therapist and Kripalu certified yoga instructor, will offer this introductory class.   This is a class that may be added to the regular weekly schedule.  Come on out and experience the basics of hatha yoga with Kim.  All bodies welcome!  No experience necessary.   This class on Sunday March 8th from 3:30-5pm is FREE of charge.


Root To Rise 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 2020/2021

free yoga! got 25 minutes?

Emily offers this brief and effective, gentle shoulder opening practice... Having props handy is always beneficial to our ability to access various poses. Grab pillows, blankets, blocks...whatever's at hand.  Take a few minutes for yourself and change the rest of your day!

Click option to watch through YouTube for full screen and enjoy!

healixyoga immersion certified teachers 2019

Lisa Gleeson

Lisa is the mother of 2 young children and commutes from Wethersfield, VT to share her love of yoga.

Lisa shines her light from  Wethersfield, VT , and looks forward to sharing the yoga journey with others.  

Tara O'Brien


Longtime yoga and buddhist practitioner, Tara looks forward to the exploration of Mindfulness and Yoga in the POC community, in particular. 

Bonny Kenyon


Bonny dove into the immersion training without expecting to teach.  Turns out, she's a natural! 

Janet Hulnick


Janet was truly the source of inspiration for this 1st healixyoga immersion teacher training! She will inspire her future students of ESL with her yoga teaching skills.

Chloe Wolfman


A special blessing of our immersion was certifying my daughter Chloe! She will put her yoga teacher training to the test working with preschoolers. 

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Enjoy this free 40 minute gentle flow practice

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